Personalized Acupuncture In
New Jersey

Acupuncture, the stimulation of energetic points in the body, has been used around the world for thousands of years to help establish balance in the body, which promotes health.

I have been asked, "Do you treat pain?" My response is always no. I will explain:

I do not treat sciatica. I do not treat a headache. I do not treat shoulder pain or pain of any kind. Likewise, I do not treat IBS or infertility. I do not treat symptoms. When a patient enters my office, I treat the whole person who is in front of me. That person has an entire life of experiences. A history of living that has endured a variety of events that may have to be explored to determine what course of action is needed to restore the balance that the body strives to achieve.

It has been my experience that when balance has been restored to the patient, then the symptoms leave.

The styles of acupuncture that I work with are TCM, Kiiko Matsumoto Japanese style, Five phase/element, and Sotaiho. READ MORE ON THESE STYLES; each of these forms of acupuncture is tailored to the individual patient and is highly effective.

Welcome to my practice.

Acupuncture is all about helping the individual achieve balance. Through balance, we maintain health and vitality. How we live in balance will mean different things to every person. Each and every person is on his or her own path. This path is life, and when out of balance, pain, and illness can be experienced. The body naturally strives to be in balance and, given the chance, can and will heal itself. Through the practice of acupuncture, Qigong, and Sotai, this chance is available.

Ted Block Acupuncture
Ted Block Acupuncture

About me

  • I am a graduate of the Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine.
  • I have been certified by the NCCAOM and the State of NJ Acupuncture Board.
  • I have a Bachelor of Science Degree from Ithaca College.
  • I am among the only Sotai practitioners in the USA
  • I have achieved advanced level Qigong, Five Animal Frolic Style.
  • It is through balance we achieve health and vitality.
  • I love sticking needles into people and being thanked for it.